Welcome to Ninja 2!

A legend is reborn, stealthily combining whole-home DVR, high-speed internet with WIFI and your favorite streaming apps – all in one customizable package. It’s the sequel you never saw coming. 

The Media Gateway, a multi-room HD DVR has six tuners so customers can record up to six programs simultaneously. With more hard drive storage capacity than other DVRs, the Gateway also has an option for an external hard drive to further expand the storage capacity to more than a Terabyte. The Gateway includes 4-port Ethernet home networking support, DOCSIS 3.0 high-speed Internet with 802.11n Wi-Fi support and home phone options.

The Media Player – one needed for each TV – delivers a HD picture and supports all of the major media formats (MPEG, WMV, MP3, JPEG, etc.)

The Media Gateway offers an innovative new user interface designed to enhance the digital home entertainment experience. Designed for casual browsing and rapid search of any type of media, the Gateway interface allows viewers instant access to current and future program listings whether they originate from live broadcast, on-demand programming, or DVR recordings. In addition, the Gateway User Interface identifies and displays personal media stored on all DLNA-connected devices across the home network as well as streaming Internet media content.

For the more traditional viewers, Conway Corp Gateway also offers a grid guide. Switching back and forth from the Gateway guide to the grid guide is a breeze. So no matter your mood, there is a guide for you!

The main Gateway unit includes a 500GB of storage space on the internal hard drive giving customers 75 hours of HD recording (or approximately 300 hours of SD recording). With an optional external hard drive, total DVR storage can be expanded to 1000GB (that’s one Terabyte!) and beyond! Basically that means you'll never have to worry about running out of space to record your favorite shows or sample new programming.


    The Media Gateway comes equipped with DOCSIS® 3.0 high-speed Internet modem. With its state-of–the-art 802.11n dual band wireless, Conway Corp Media Gateway creates a wireless network throughout your home so all of your family’s devices are able to easily connect to the Internet.

      The mobile feature allows for remote DVR functionality and the ability to turn your iPad or iPhone into a remote control.

      To use this feature:

      • Download and install the “Arris Follow Me TV” app from the App Store on your iPad.
      • Make sure that you are connected to the WiFi network for your Gateway. (Note: You must be at home and connected specifically to your Gateway’s WiFi network.)
      • Launch the “Arris Whole Home Solution” iPad app on your iPad.   You will be asked for a pairing key.
      • From a TV with Media Player, use your remote and go to SETTINGS > MOXI MOBILE and select ADD.
      • Enter the 8-digit pairing code that is displayed on your TV into the iPad app. You should now be successfully paired and can begin using the app with your Gateway.