Conway Corporation has a seven-­member board of directors. The board elects one director annually to serve a seven-­year term. Directors must be a Conway citizen willing to serve the community without compensation, philosophically in tune with municipal ownership of utility systems, free of conflicts of interest and firmly established in Conway.

Current directors are:

  • Ray Kordsmeier, Chairman
  • Brad Teague, Vice-Chairman
  • Lindsay Henderson, Secretary
  • Tom Courtway, Director
  • Jake Nabholz, Director
  • Denise Perry, Director
  • Reggie Rose, Director

Bret Carroll,
Chief Executive Officer

Bret Carroll was named Conway Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer in 2017. He originally began working at Conway Corp in 1998 as the company's Chief Financial Officer. The CEO position has only been held by six individuals in the company's entire history.




Tracy Moore,
Chief Financial Officer






Crystal Kemp,
Chief Marketing Officer






Greg Dell,
Chief Operating Officer






Jason Hansen,
Chief Technology Officer


Conway Corp is committed to serving our customers with excellence, planning for the future and delivering exceptional services to our community.


Conway Corp is dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations in producing and delivering safe, affordable, reliable, innovative and environmentally-sound utility and telecommunication services while enhancing the quality of life in our community.