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Today is September 24, 2018

6th Annual Energy Smart Poster, Essay & Video Contest

Electricity powers our lives. We rely on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support the life we enjoy from personal appliances to business machinery. Conway Corp has been powering our community since 1929, and we’re proud to provide a dependable and reliable service to our friends and neighbors.

As essential as it is to our everyday lives, electricity is often taken for granted. Plug in a cord, flip a switch, turn a knob – it’s always there. We all rely on a growing number of appliances every day but rarely recognize and appreciate the value of electricity.

Consider a chargeable gadget like your cell phone, the clock radio that jolts you awake or the TV that brings you the latest news. The water heater that keeps your shower hot and the refrigerator that keeps your soft drinks cold. The automatic sprinkler system that keeps your lawn green and the toaster that turns your bread a crisp, golden brown. The washing machine that sends you off in clean clothes and the automatic garage door that welcomes you safely home – it’s all powered by Conway Corp.

How do you use electricity every day? Students – show us how Conway Corp powers your life by entering the sixth annual Conway Corp Energy Smart Poster, Essay & Video Contest.

The poster contest is open to students PreK-4th grade in Conway. Students should use their imagination to create a drawing colored with crayons, markers, colored pencils or paints to illustrate the 2018 contest theme, “My Life, Powered by Conway Corp.”

Entries will be judged on creativity and theme representation. Winning posters will be on display in the Conway Corp lobby for the remainder of the school year. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place winners. The classroom of the overall winner will also be awarded $100 in that student’s name along with a Conway Corp pizza party.

The essay and video contest is open to students 5th-12th grade in Conway. Students should submit a typed essay of 500 to 1,000 words or a digital video between 30 seconds and two minutes on the 2018 contest theme, “My Life, Powered by Conway Corp.”

Essay entries will be judged on content and syntax. Video entries will be judged on creativity and production. Winning essays and videos will be featured on Conway Corp’s website and social media. Cash prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place to winners in two age categories: 5th-7th and 8th-12th.

All students PreK-12th grade who live in the Conway Corp service area are eligible to enter. Click here for an official entry form and contest rules.

Poster and essay entries should be submitted to participating teachers or postmarked to Conway Corp, P.O. Box 99, Conway AR 72033 by Friday, September 21. Essay entries can be shared via Google Docs or emailed. Video entries must be shared via Google Docs. A scanned copy of the entry form plus contact information must accompany all electronic submissions. Please put “2018 Energy Smart Contest” in the subject line.

Click here for more information about the contest including entry forms and complete rules or call 501-450-6000.  

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Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Cox, Davis earn promotions

Conway Corp recently promoted two employees to better reflect their current job responsibilities, training and certification level.

In the electric department, Cory Cox was promoted from an apprentice lineman to dispatch coordinator with the engineering department. Cox will oversee the company’s outage management system and help coordinate restoration efforts.

Cox will celebrate his seven-year anniversary with Conway Corp this November.

In the cable department, John Davis was promoted from Broadband Premises Tech to Broadband Premises Expert. As a Broadband Premises Expert, Davis is certified by the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) to install and troubleshoot telecommunications services at a customer’s home or business.

To earn the certification, Davis had to demonstrate his knowledge in seven core areas: technology, systems and requirements; premises devices; installation; troubleshooting and maintenance; standards; safety; and coaching/mentoring.

He is celebrating his four-year anniversary with Conway Corp this month.

“I’m extremely proud of Cory and John,” Conway Corp CEO Bret Carroll said. “All three have been great assets to our company over their careers and these promotions are much deserved.”

Dispatch Coordinator Cory Cox and Broadband Premises Expert John Davis
Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Online Energy Calculator

Conway Corp’s Energy Smart program is one of the many ways we’re balancing increasing demands for electricity with our commitment to providing affordable rates while enhancing the quality of life for our friends and neighbors.

In addition to zero percent interest loans and energy audits by our professionals, we also offer online energy audits and energy calculators to help customers estimate energy use costs and find opportunities for savings. Based on personalized information, customers can view a comprehensive report of their residential energy usage and discover cost-saving recommendations.

Home Energy Calculator

This calculator will provide you with your home’s personalized energy costs based on information you provide while allowing you to perform various energy-saving scenarios to pinpoint opportunities for savings. Simply answer a few, simple questions about your home and learn where your energy dollars are going, what long-term investments you can make to lower energy costs and the environmental impact of your energy use.

Appliance Calculator

How much does it really cost to use the appliances in your home? This calculator gives you a quick way to get a feel for what your home’s appliances cost to operate on an annual and monthly basis.

Lighting Calculator

Compare the purchase price and cost to operate compact fluorescent lamps versus incandescent lights. This calculator takes into account the cost of each light bulb and the number of lamps in your home while calculating the savings over a monthly, yearly and ten-year period.

Home Energy Library

Want to know more about energy efficiency? Browse through 100s of pages of topics including meters, energy fundamentals, energy audits, energy improvements, insulation, ventilation and more. You can also learn how to read your electric meter and electric bill.

Interactive Energy Home

This graphically rich and interactive house is a virtual library to learn how your home’s systems use energy and identify the best opportunities for savings and home improvements.

Fundamentals of Electricity

Learn how the electric utility industry generates and delivers power to customers covering basics, delivery, safety and generation.

Kids Korner

Kids Korner creates a rich, kid-friendly environment to facilitate energy education with everything from energy-themed games to teacher lesson plans. 

To learn more about energy efficiency or explore these free applications, click here and click on the Energy Calculators tab.

Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Mahar celebrates 45 years of service

We’ve come a long way since we began operating Conway’s electric light plant in 1929, and we owe much of our success to our employees – the men and women who proudly serve this community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This month, Conway Corp would like to recognize Water Plant Operator Steve Mahar who is celebrating 45 years of service to the company and the community.

Mahar was hired in July 1973 and has spent his career overseeing the water treatment plant and providing safe, clean drinking water to the residents of Conway.

Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Record summer temps affect monthly statements

Summertime in Arkansas is synonymous with high summer temperatures, but this year’s weather has been one for the record books – literally.

Arkansas has been experiencing above-average temperatures since April, and that can mean higher monthly statements for our customers.

But exactly how does the weather affect our utility bills? Higher temps mean your air conditioner needs to work harder and run longer. Many customers keep their thermostat set on 75 degrees, which is 20-30 degrees below the outside air temperature. Because of the heat, your air conditioning system will be running approximately 15 hours out of 24 in a day.

While you might keep your thermostat at the same temp each year, your system is working harder and using more electricity due to the extreme weather this summer. Even if you never change your thermostat, cooling can account for more than 50 percent or more of your electricity use during hotter weather.

In May 2018, the average high temperature was the warmest on record since 1987 and the average monthly temperature was the warmest ever recorded. In fact, all 31 days in May were above average temperature. June was the warmest in two years, with 23 days being above average temperature and 21 of those days well above 90 degrees. This meant most of our customers saw higher bills in June and July.

Your system is working overtime and using more electricity to keep up with the heat, and only a few days of hotter-than-normal temperatures can significantly increase your statement. Add in other energy usage including major appliances and lighting, and most of our bills are higher than we’ve previously seen.

There are things you can do to avoid higher energy costs during the summer. Your home absorbs and retains heat throughout the day. The easiest way to cool your home is reduce your home’s heat gain. Simple things like blocking the sun by closing drapes can drastically reduce your cooling system’s load. Highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45 percent, while heavy curtains can reduce heat gain by 33 percent.

Setting thermostats to 78 degrees or above will also reduce your energy use. On average, customers save 14 percent for every two degrees you raise your thermostat above 78. Not willing to sacrifice comfort? Try raising the thermostat by 5-10 degrees when you leave for work.

If your thermostat is set to 74 degrees and the outside temperature is 90, that’s a 16 degree difference. If you raise your thermostat to 80 degrees before leaving for the day, that’s only a 10 degree difference and the rate of temperature change is less.

If you raise your settings during an eight-hour work day and then lower them upon your return, your AC will run for a long time to bring the temperature in your home down. However, it won’t use near as much energy compared to all the energy it would have used keeping your house six degrees cooler for the entire eight-hour period. That six-degree difference can save you 36 percent on your energy usage.

You can also save money by doing simple maintenance on your air conditioning unit each year. The average central AC unit loses five percent of its efficiency each year from dust and dirt accumulation as well as regular wear and tear. Have the unit cleaned and serviced by a professional to ensure it continues running efficiently and replace your air filter regularly.

Looking for more ways to beat the heat this summer? Click here to find energy-saving tips or call 450-6000 to schedule a free energy audit from a Conway Corp certified energy professional.

Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Ethridge celebrates 30 years of service

We’ve come a long way since we began operating Conway’s electric light plant in 1929, and we owe much of our success to our employees – the men and women who proudly serve this community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

This month, Conway Corp would like to recognize Randy Ethridge who is celebrating 30 years of service to the company and the community. 

Randy was hired in July 1988 as a Groundman in the Electric Department. In 1998, he was promoted to his current position, Underground Service Technician.

As an underground service technician, Randy oversees the construction, maintenance and repair of underground lines in the electric distribution system.

Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Turner celebrates 25 years of service

We’ve come a long way since we began operating Conway’s electric light plant in 1929, and we owe much of our success to our employees – the men and women who proudly serve this community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

This month, Conway Corp would like to recognize Edie Turner who is celebrating 25 years of service to the company and the community.

Edie was hired in July 1993 as a Customer Service Specialist and was promoted to the newly-created position of Billing and Customer Service Supervisor in March 1998.

In August 2013, Edie was promoted to her current position as Billing Services Manager. As the department’s manager, Edie oversees all aspects of billing, statements and payments for the company.

Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Beat the heat without wasting water this summer

As temperatures rise during summer months, our consumption of water also increases. We participate in outdoor activities like swimming and gardening and use nearly four times as much water as the rest of the year to keep our lawns green or fill our backyard pools. Some homes can even use up to 3,000 gallons of water on a peak day which is the equivalent of leaving a garden hose running for nearly eight hours. The good news is with a few simple techniques, you can save water and money all summer long while still enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.


Now is a great time to determine which area of your yard needs the most water and to prioritize the watering needs of outdoor plants and trees. Newly planted trees, shrubs and lawns should receive the first priority when it comes to determining the need for water. While most plants and bushes are not planted until spring, those planted the previous year may not have had time to develop extensive root systems. It’s best to water early in the morning when temperatures and wind speed are the lowest to reduce loss from evaporation. Mulching also reduces loss and keeps the soil and roots cool. Remember a slow trickle from the hose is the most effective method for absorption.

Flower and Vegetable Gardens

Most flower and vegetable gardens require watering to stay productive. Mulching can help retain additional moisture in the soil and around the roots. Most well established trees and shrubs can withstand a prolonged period without rain or watering. Far more plants die from over-watering than under-watering. For many garden plants, the best way is to let your finger be the guide. Dig down several inches near the base of the plant. If the soil is dry, that’s an indication you need to water.


Don’t over-water your lawn. As a general rule, lawns only need one inch of water every five to seven days. Try placing a small empty tuna can near your sprinkler system to help you determine when to turn off the sprinkler. When the can is full, you have watered approximately one inch. Water lawns during the early morning hours when temperatures and wind speeds are lowest to reduce loss from evaporation. Try setting your lawn mower blades one notch higher because longer grass means less water evaporation.

Rain Barrels

Place rain barrels or buckets beneath your gutters or downspouts. For every 1,000 square feet of roof surface, you will collect 420 gallons of water during every inch of rainfall. You can use the rainwater for outdoor plants and trees or to wash your car. Channel storm water across lawns and into garden beds away from your house. Consider rainscaping by establishing a watershed-friendly garden, which will use storm water to thrive and create beauty around your home.

Swimming Pools

Uncovered backyard pools lose hundreds of gallons of water each month from evaporation. Using a pool cover and keeping it covered when not in use will reduce evaporation of water and chemicals by nearly 70 percent. Check your pool for leaks often, and always consult a professional with pool maintenance to reduce your risk of structural failure like a cracked shell that would waste thousands of gallons of water over the summer.

We all see our water use rise dramatically during the summer, but our monthly statements don’t have to rise too. Start planning now to use water more efficiently, and your entire family will be having fun in the sun all summer long. For more water or electric efficiency information, call the Conway Corp Energy Smart team at 501-450-6000 or click here.


Blog & News from Conway Corporation
Today is September 24, 2018

Conway Corp announces Arnold Innovation Center location

Conway Corp has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Conway to assume maintenance and management of Conway City Hall at 1201 West Oak Street. Conway Corp will repurpose the building as the Arnold Innovation Center, and it will include co-working space, office suites and seminar facilities.

In 2017, the Conway Corp Board of Directors announced plans for the Arnold Innovation Center at the Conway Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual meeting. The center, named in honor of retired Conway Corp CEO Richard Arnold, will be a destination for entrepreneurs to connect with one another while having access to necessary resources to create, launch and grow businesses. 

“The innovation center will become the epicenter of Conway’s startup community,” Conway Corp CEO Bret Carroll said. "This is an ideal location from a technology standpoint and an historic one. It’s in the heart of the Data District and just a few steps from where almost 150 years ago, Conway’s original startups were launched.”

The building is less than a block from the site of Conway Station, from which the city emerged in the late 1800’s. The current structure was built for First State Bank and opened in August 1960 before becoming Conway City Hall in 1986. City Hall has remained in its current location for 32 years despite its expected life of 20 years.

City officials hope to move to a new location in downtown Conway.

“It’s important for us to reinvest in downtown Conway,” Mayor Bart Castleberry said. “Any time a new business or organization looks to relocate a city’s downtown area is the first place they look. Moving forward, we hope to design and build a new city hall that’s more efficient and user friendly to better meet the needs of the people of Conway,”

The Arnold Innovation Center will open in 2019.