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Today is October 22, 2021

Conway Corporation launches Fusion Network

Conway Corporation has added the Fusion Network to channel 134.

Fusion is a news, pop-culture and satire television and digital platform network aimed at engaging and championing a young, diverse and inclusive America and gears its programming less toward the constant coverage of breaking news and instead emphasizes context and analysis of news and issues along with interviews, documentaries and long-form reports on current events, lifestyle and pop culture.

Fusion also believes in on-air blending of serious topics and discussions with irreverence and humor aimed to reduce the air of pretense and seriousness with which other news outlets treat current topics and issues - thus the "fusion" of seriousness and lightheartedness.It also boasts a wide selection of original series, most intended for millennials. 

America with Jorge Ramos

A hard-hitting hour of truthful, fearless, passionate storytelling, reporting and interviews focusing on the essential issues of our time to provide a voice for the voiceless and a vehicle for change.

Alicia Menendez Tonight

In a daily deep dive into the topics that matter most to her generation, Menendez provides fresh insight, information and unconventional wisdom on topics ranging from sex to money to politics. 

Open Source with Leon Krauze

A half-hour magazine show obsessed with politics, celebrity-mania, world affairs, blockbuster movies and binge-watching TV hosted by the most popular local broadcaster in the U.S.

No, You Shut Up!

A topical news show hosted by comedian Paul F. Tompkins featuring a four-member panel comprised of puppets and puppeteers from the Henson Company. Lively, opinionated and above all, extremely angry.

The Morning Show

Mornings at Fusion are filled with smart, edgy and compelling stories for millennials. Led by three diverse and dynamic hosts, the audience feels part of a fun, entertaining and informative free-flowing conversation.

Every day, Fusion reports the latest on topics meaningful to millennials including the American dream, culture, modern life, justice and equality, leadership, health care, politics, immigration, what's trending and more. Watch Fusion on Conway Corporation Digital Channel 134.