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Today is May 29, 2020

Cable installers earn globally-recognized certifications

Conway Corporation Cable Installers Sean Maxfield and Jake Stewart have earned the Broadband Premises Installer certification from the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers after completing an eight-week course culminating in a 50-question exam.

The BPI certification is the foundation and one of three stand-alone Broadband Premises certifications that Conway Corporation started using in 2015 as part of the core curriculum for all of its employees in the cable department.

“We are very proud of Jake and Sean as they have applied themselves to become Conway Corporation’s first technicians to receive the Broadband Premise Installer certification through SCTE and set the standard for the rest of the department and those who follow them,” CATV Training Coordinator Tommy Nolen said.

The certification includes training for customer service, troubleshooting, test equipment, measurements, service restoration related to industry-wide standards and practices, instruction in the latest technologies and digital home technology.

Those who completed the certification have the knowledge of an entry-level technician to install and troubleshoot telecommunications services including video, voice and data for residential customers.

“In our pursuit of excellence, we are striving to ensure that every technician be certified within their first year of employment,” Nolen said. “These certifications are essential as technicians advance in their career, and through our training efforts we reinforce them with class theory, hands-on testing and field application.”  

Maxfield and Stewart are now certified to perform routine installations, disconnects, pre-wires, change of service and multiple dwelling unit wiring for cable television video, voice and data residential customers by showing proficiency in six main competencies: Technology, Systems &Requirements; Premises Devices; Installation; Troubleshooting & Maintenance; Standards and Safety.

The SCTE is a global leader for telecommunication education and training programs that meet the ever-changing cable industry.

The Broadband Premises Installation and Service course was developed in collaboration with the industry’s top technical professionals and cable operators.

The training is nationally recognized by the cable telecommunications industry and helps individuals interested in working for a cable provider.

Maxfield and Stewart can work next toward earning the other stand-alone premise certifications including the Broadband Premises Technician and the Broadband Premises Expert.