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Today is May 27, 2020

National Geographic available with TV Everywhere

Conway Corporation is excited to now include the National Geographic Channel with our TV Everywhere offerings meaning you can watch the network anywhere at any time on your computer, tablet, phone or mobile device.

TV Everywhere gives you the power to take your entertainment with you, and it’s all free with your Conway Corporation cable subscription. You can watch thousands of hours of programming including your favorite shows, blockbuster movies and even live sporting events from nearly 50 participating networks.

With National Geographic Channel, you have the best in non-fiction entertainment with a fresh and contemporary approach to storytelling with a string of hit shows including Killing Lincoln, Brain Games, Wicked Tuna and most recently, Killing Kennedy. With lively and engaging content, it’s no surprise that viewers rank Nat Geo as the number one cable network in key engagement categories of positive, trusted and quality programming.

Check out these popular shows airing now:

Wicked Tuna Season 3 of Wicked Tuna takes viewers into the unrelenting New England waters of Gloucester, Massachusetts where there’s a special breed of fishermen who for generations have used the “rod and reel” technique to catch prized Bluefin Tuna.

Brain Games The number one rated series Brain Games returns for a second season. Guiding you through the twists and turns of your brain’s gray matter is host, Jason Silva, who will be joined by top experts in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology to share the why behind the wow.

Life Below Zero Follow six people as they battle for the most basic necessities in the state with the lowest population density in the United States. The series takes viewers inside the daily challenges of people who have chosen to live in one of America’s harshest climates – Alaska.

Diggers The Diggers team is back to explore America’s backyard. The guys take on new levels of historical terrain, scouring places they’ve only dreamed of exploring. Where there is an empty yard, field or beach, KG and Ringy see a treasure trove. They’ll go the distance to uncover “sweet nectar” or “juice,” working in close collaboration with a local archaeologist or historian at every site.

Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey Hosted by world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, the new series aspires to awaken a global audience to the wonders of the universe, as revealed by the awesome power of the scientific perspective. New modes of scientific storytelling will reveal the grandeur of the universe and re-invent celebrated elements of the original series, including the “Cosmic Calendar” and the “Ship of the Imagination”.

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