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Today is August 9, 2020

Conway Corp launches updated logo, brand campaign

Conway Corp recently surveyed customers and employees as a part of a brand analysis study. Using results, the company has launched an advertising campaign to share its history and vision with the community and introduce an updated logo. 

Conway Corp was established in 1929 as the city faced the threat of losing Hendrix College and Central Baptist College. In June of that year, Conway Corp was given the lease to operate the city’s electric light plan and franchise. Bonds were issued in the amount of $215,000 and given to each of the three Conway colleges, along with the community’s public and parochial schools.

For more than 86 years, Conway Corp has served the city of Conway. The company prides itself on providing high-quality services at reasonable rates and is a recognized leader and award –winner in its industries. 

“As we began looking at a brand campaign, we asked ourselves if it was time for a new logo.  Our customer research led us to the conclusion that it was time to refresh the logo, but not have a wholesale change,” Conway Corp CEO Richard Arnold said. “Conway Corp is valued and trusted by its customers. They identify with our brand and we wanted something updated, but still familiar.”

The icon has been simplified but continues to represent electric and water – the two original services of the company. 

The iconic blue water tower shape now has powerful supporting columns to reflect Conway Corp’s dedication to supporting the community, while the orange base of the tower suggests electric with the three prongs of a grounded plug. An interior prong also serves as a door to future services and technologies like cable, Internet, telephone and soon home security service. In addition to the new “Tower of Power” logo, Conway Corp will begin using a distinct icon for each service line. 

In the coming weeks customers will begin seeing the new advertising campaign featuring commercials, print ads, posters, online ads and billboards. 

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