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Today is November 15, 2018

Conway Corp promotes Davis, Jones

Conway Corp recently promoted two employees Paul Jones and Clayton Davis. Damage Prevention Technician Jones was promoted to Senior Damage Prevention Technician, and Serviceman Davis was promoted to Damage Prevention Technician. 

Jones and Davis are both certified to locate and mark buried utilities including electric, water, sewer and telecommunication lines. It is their responsibility to reliably and efficiently locate infrastructure while providing safety for those who would be impacted by damaged utilities.

“Service is the foundation of our relationship with the community,” Jim Lawrence Damage Prevention Foreman said. “Paul and Clayton will use their experience and commitment to protect our systems so that we can continue to provide that high level of service.”

Jones was hired in April 1990 as a locator and also worked as facility maintenance for plumbing before becoming a damage prevention technician. Davis was hired in January 2008 as a meter reader and was promoted in 2012 to serviceman.