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Today is November 20, 2018

Customer Newsletter: Digital Meter Installation

In the coming months, Conway Corp will begin installing digital electric and water meters throughout the community as a part of its advanced meter project.

The project, which replaces residential and commercial meters, will be completed in 2018. Once installed, the metering system will support digital two-way communication between meters and utilities and eventually offer more direct customer benefits.

“The new meters will transfer electricity and water use information more quickly and efficiently to our distribution and billing systems,” Conway Corp CEO Richard Arnold said. “This means we can provide a more seamless customer service experience, including quicker service connection, earlier leak detection and better understanding of electric or water usage.”

Conway Corp will also be able to identify and respond to electric outages and water problems more effectively.

Customers will receive advance notification indicating when meters are scheduled to be upgraded in their area. Installation takes a few minutes, with a brief interruption in electric service. Once installation is complete, a notice will be left at the door. If installation can’t be completed, the notice will provide rescheduling information.

Following electric meter installation, water meter devices, located on the exterior of homes and businesses, will be replaced. Once underway, customers can find the latest information on the meter installation project online by emailing or calling 501- 450-6000.

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