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Today is November 16, 2018

Fuller retires after a decade of welcoming customers

Receptionist Vivian Fuller took off her headset and headed into retirement at the end of September after 11 years of service at Conway Corp.

She is now looking forward to more time with her husband and traveling to see friends and family. 

Customers who visit Conway Corp’s downtown business office have been greeted by Vivian’s smile, with many stopping at her desk to seek directions or just to say hello.

“It is important to me to project friendliness, be interested in customers and have a smile on my face,” Fuller shared. “I have been a lot of places where the person greeting customers did not project friendliness. We appreciate our customers, and I have the opportunity to show them that.”

Fuller moved to Conway in 2005 and began working at Conway Corp soon after.

Having previously worked in banking, a water company and a sanitation company, Vivian was quick to understand the many hats she would wear at Conway Corp.

“People call us for all kinds of things – things that don’t have anything to do with us; they come in and ask for directions. I just do my best to help them all. I also needed to learn what jobs everyone at Conway Corp did so that I could get customers to the right person.”

“Vivian will definitely be missed by her co-workers and by our customers,” Customer Service Manager Jaylene Sexton said. “She has become the face of Conway Corp and has showcased our value to exceed customer expectations. We know she will enjoy retirement, but we will certainly miss her.”

Fuller commented that she too will miss the family she has come to know at Conway Corp – both customers and co-workers.

“I feel like I am part of the company even though I’m the front desk. I like the ways my co-workers have made me feel valued. Whatever your role is here – you are important.”

Fuller drew on her experience with breast cancer as an example.

“I received my cancer diagnosis in 2011 and my mom passed away in 2015. Those were some low points for me and Conway Corp was like family. I really appreciated the kindness, prayers and encouragement as I went through treatment and when my mom passed away. Conway Corp is a family.”

“I’m not saying good-bye. I’m saying ‘I’ll see you around.’”