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Today is August 10, 2020

Employees recognized for customer service

Conway Corp was recognized for excellence in customer service when 20 of its customer service and cable installer professionals were awarded Customer Service Excellence Awards at the 2016 Mid-America Cable Show held recently in St. Louis. 
Customer Service Specialists Tracy Ferrell and Elizabeth Harmon, Lead Customer Service Specialist Jane Harrison, Customer Care Specialist Rachael Myers, Commercial Sales Account Executive Eleise Wood Myers and Senior Customer Care Specialist Kelly Wirtz earned five-star Customer Service Awards in the sales category.These awards recognize presentation of features and benefits while helping customers find the correct products and services for their needs.
Business Class Services Specialists James Buggs and Jason Fleming, Marketing Coordinator Beth McCullough Jimmerson, Broadband Premises Expert Tony Lemke and Customer Service Specialist Shelly Smith earned five-star awards in the service category. These awards recognize the ability to remain calm and professional while showing concern for the customer’s individual needs and resolve the situation.
Customer Care Specialist Michelle Hatfield was recognized with five-star awards in both the sales and service categories. 
Cable System Technician Jonathan Booth, Cable Senior Service Technician Brent Brown, Broadband Premises Technician John Davis, Broadband Premises Installer Aaron Julian, Customer Care Specialist Nicole Pizzolato, Broadband Premises Installer Aaron Reynolds and Cable System Technician Brian Robinson received four-star awards in the service category. 
Customer Care Specialist Eric Bell received a four-star award in the sales category. 
The Mid-America Cable Association was formed in 1958 in part to help promote superior customer service in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas and Texas. The award program was established in 1986 to recognized excellence in the cable television industry. 
Five-star awards recognize master performance that are clearly exceptional with outstanding skills that far exceed position requirements. Four-star awards recognize a superior performance with presentation skills that are considerably above industry competency.