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Today is May 14, 2021

Local artists decorate new Conway Corp building

Visitors to Conway Corp’s new Customer Care Center at 650 Locust St. will see three original pieces of art commissioned by artists from Art on the Green. The artists were each asked to have their piece be reflective of Conway Corp’s history and place in the community.

On the first floor, Steve Griffith crafted a unique piece of assemblage art; a piece he titled “The Light Plant."  The art was created entirely from recycled and repurposed materials used by Conway Corp.  

“I wanted to take items that may not necessarily go together and piece them together artistically,” Griffith said. “Elements of art – lines, shapes and textures – came together out of the pieces that represented every service and dated to the creation of Conway Corp in 1929.”

Sheila Parsons created a mixed media work called "Front Street 1930" on the second floor. The painting depicts a scene of what life may have looked like on Front Street, looking south, the year after Conway Corp’s formation as water main lines are being buried on Front Street.

Guests on the third floor are greeted by an original oil painting by Nina Ruth Baker - "Peace and Power." The work shows electrical power lines with two birds perched on the line against an overcast Conway sky.

In addition to the art commissioned by local artists, customers can enjoy a number of historic photographs on display throughout the building.

“We are excited to welcome customers to this new space,” Conway Corp CEO Richard Arnold said. “And we know that the art created by these artists helps us to tell our story as customers visit the building.”

Conway Corp will host a dedication ceremony and open house from 2 to 4 p.m., Sunday, April 23. The public is invited to attend.