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Today is November 28, 2021

Electric crew deploys for Hurricane Irma response

Conway Corp deployed a crew on Thursday, Sept. 7 to assist with power restoration in the wake of Hurricane Irma. The five-person crew is part of a mutual aid response being coordinated by the Missouri Public Utility Alliance (MPUA).

Conway Corp's crew joined 36 lineworkers from the Missouri cities of Columbia, Hannibal, Independence, Macon, Nixa, Poplar Bluff and Trenton in Birmingham, Ala. before traveling on to Orlando.

“Our crew arrived in Orlando on Friday night ahead of the storm,” Conway Corp Electric Distribution System Manager Jim Moore said. “They reported to the command center Saturday morning and rode out the storm in Orlando. They are now at work helping to restore power in the Orlando area and will be in Florida for at least two weeks.”

​Preparedness coordinators for the Florida Municipal Electric Association issued a call to the MPUA for mutual aid assistance on Wednesday, Sept. 6. MPUA contacted Conway Corp to join with their response.

The mutual aid response, coordinated through MPUA’s mutual aid network, allows public power electric utility workers to help during widespread outages in other communities. Assisting cities are reimbursed by municipal utilities receiving assistance. Nationally, mutual aid agreements organized through the American Public Power Association link more than 2,000 public power and rural electric cooperatives, so they can assist each other in times of need.

“We have been a part of mutual aid assistance through the Arkansas Municipal Power Association on numerous occasions,” CEO Bret Carroll said. “This is the first time we have traveled out of state as part of a mutual aid response.”

“We are extremely proud of the work our crews do and that we are able to assist fellow public power providers."