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Today is October 22, 2021

Conway Corp begins flushing water mains

Conway Corp is currently flushing the city’s water mains and will be working during April in the area of Centennial Valley east along Tyler Street to Harkrider Street. During the month, the area of Conway bordered on the south by Robins, the west by Farris Road to Prince Street, west to Country Club and north to Tyler will also be flushed.

Utility crews typically flush the water distribution system once a year to remove sediment and improve drinking water quality. When flushing, fire hydrants are opened, increasing the velocity of water moving through the pipes. Flushing removes sediments that may affect the water's taste and color and is an essential preventive maintenance strategy for the water distribution system.

According to Water Systems Manager Lee Tedford, while a loss of water pressure is common, the process doesn't typically interrupt water service. After flushing, tap water may appear discolored.

“Let your tap run for several minutes until the water released is clear,” Tedford said. “The colored water is unsightly, but still safe for consumption.”