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Today is October 22, 2021

Discover the real value of cable

The entertainment industry is a vital part of the American economy, but according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we spend less than five percent of our entire household budget each year on recreational activities.

For the average American household, that’s about $3,000 a year so it’s important to get the most for your money. Compared to many other types of entertainment, cable TV is a great value. Conway Corp starter cable lets you enjoy nearly 100 channels plus access to TV Everywhere for only $2.37 a day – that’s less than your morning latte.

Consider other types of available entertainment. Seeing a movie in town on a weekend night costs $9.50 per person. Take a family of four and that’s $40 for two hours of fun before you even take a trip to the snack bar. With cable, you could watch a newly released movie and the same family of four and the same two hours would only cost 20 cents.  

According to Statista, the average concert ticket is $74.25, and the average NFL ticket is up to $92.98. You pay more for three hours of entertainment to see your favorite band or player than you would pay for a month of cable to see your favorite stars and shows – which often includes sports and music offerings.

Some of the first cable services ever delivered broadcast TV channels in Arkansas in 1948. By 1990, cable TV boasted a robust 79 networks, and consumers ended their day on the couch in front of the television. Today, times have changed and entertainment means something different. We live in a highly-competitive video marketplace where entertainment is no longer confined to the living room. Cable is a whole lot more than just the TV.

With TV Everywhere, we no longer have to sit at home, gather in front of the TV and wait patiently for our favorite shows to come. Apps turn nearly every device we own into a TV screen so we can watch what we want, wherever we are, on the schedule we choose. We have access to live programming that can stream directly to a tablet, computer or smartphone. We can watch our favorite shows and even store our programs in the cloud to watch later. Apps deliver thousands of hours of programming and make TV an anytime, anywhere experience.

Best of all, this streaming service is completely free with your cable subscription. You can watch the big game live across town or across country with no worries. You also get to watch your favorite shows without waiting. Most content airs exclusively on cable or on cable first. If you prefer streaming, you get the best of both worlds with cable.

Cable TV provides more content choices at a better price. Want to watch an Emmy award-winning movie or the Super Bowl for less than 30 cents each? Cable’s video platform is a creative canvas where the world’s top writers, directors and actors are producing cinema-quality programming that is dominating the awards circuit and the TV ratings – and you can have it all for $2.37 a day. To learn more about Conway Corp cable or to set up your free TV Everywhere account, call 450-6000 or click here.