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Today is October 22, 2021

Routine pole inspection underway

Conway Corp has contracted with Osmose Utilities Services to inspect 1,300 of the cities wooden utility poles over the next few weeks. The inspections will begin on Bruce Street, between Center Street and 1st Avenue, with crews moving north. Inspections will also be conducted on poles in the area of Conway bordered on the west by Harrison Street and by Interstate 40 on the north and east.

“The inspections are a part of routine maintenance that is required by the National Electric Safety Code,” Electric System Senior Engineer Dale Gottsponer said. “Poles that are more than ten years old will be checked below the surface for signs of decay. Poles that were installed in the last ten years will be visually inspected.”

Osmose has found the vast majority of decay occurs within 18 inches from ground level. Crews scrape away decay and place a preservative around the base. The upper portion of each pole is also inspected to make sure that no connections to power lines are loose.

Conway Corp crews will follow the inspection to make any repairs or replace any poles as needed.