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Today is October 22, 2021

Miller earns Safety Leadership Award

Conway Corp recently honored Plant Maintenance Worker Kody Miller with the company’s annual Safety Leadership Award for his exemplary work performance.  

The award recognizes an employee who goes above and beyond to lead by example, adhere to safety standards, watch out for others or suggest improvements to procedures to reduce accidents and promote a culture of safety.

Kody was nominated by his fellow co-workers for his dedication to safety in 2020.

One nomination for Kody said, “At the wastewater plant, there are times when an employee needs to enter tanks that are only big enough to hold one person, have a limited means of egress and access and were not meant for continuous human occupancy. In making safety a priority, Kody always takes time to contact the Conway Fire Department and the Conway Corp Safety Department when an employee is making a confined space entry. He is careful to give location and estimated time to complete the entry. Once the entry is successful, Kody contacts the safety department again.”

Congratulations, Kody!