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Today is September 16, 2021

Voluntary Water Curtailment Request

With extreme weather conditions continuing throughout the Central Arkansas region, we are experiencing unprecedented high water demands and asking customers to begin voluntary curtailment of non-essential water use.

Conway Corp’s Roger Q Mills Water Treatment Plant has experienced prolonged water demands at levels significantly higher than normal for winter months. In addition, as temperatures rise and pipes thaw, water leaks are resulting in much higher water usage.

We are asking customers to conserve water as possible while we work to repair water main damage as quickly and safely as possible.

“With public assistance, essential water demands can be met by eliminating other water uses,” Conway Corp CEO Bret Carroll said. “Please take any measures necessary to assist in reducing non-essential water use.”

Immediate curtailment measures include:

Isolate any water leaks immediately. If you own property you have not visited this week, please check on it immediately. If you see water bubbling, pooling or running down the street, please contact Conway Corp at 450-6000 to report a possible water main break.  

Locate and repair any water leaks. As temperatures rise, we will see an increase in broken pipes and water mains. If you suspect your pipes have frozen, please shut off your water and contact a plumber immediately.

Delay showering, washing clothes and washing dishes unless absolutely necessary.

When possible, do not drip your faucets. If you must drip your faucet, only leave the faucet farthest from the water meter dripping and collect the water for other use such as washing dishes.

Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

Ensure hose bibs and faucets are protected from freezing weather.