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Today is December 1, 2022

Rickie McPherson retires after 21 years


Senior Plant Maintenance Worker Rickie McPherson retired last month after dedicating more than 21 years of service to Conway Corp and the Conway community. 

Rickie was hired in June 2007 as a Maintenance Worker at the Water Plant and was promoted to Senior Maintenance Worker in 2021.

 “Rickie was always there when called upon,” Water Systems Manager Lee Tedford said. “It never fails that the plant will have issues on a Friday afternoon late, weekend or holiday. Rickie would show up ready to fix the issues at hand and get the plant back up and running as quickly as possible. I appreciate all that Rickie has contributed to the water plant and pump stations in order to ensure that our reliability of service remained at 100%”

Congrats, Rickie!