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Conway Corp Business Video is more than just a luxury – it’s an advantage. From restaurants to break rooms and repair shops to hotels, we provide a full spectrum of digital and HD programming to keep your customers entertained and your employees informed. Choose from 200+ channels featuring everything from kids programming to live sporting events to movies and more. Plus, we offer packages that include commercial-free music channels that are sure to give your business a competitive edge.

Best of all, Conway Corp has local customer service with weekend and after hour support all on one convenient bill. If your business is interested in Conway Corp Video, please call 501-450-6000 to receive more information on the service that is right for you.

Conway Corp offers more than 200 channels featuring everything from kids programming to live sporting events to movies and more than 65 high-definition networks. With a variety of packages to choose from, Conway Corp has options for large and small businesses. To find out what package will work best for your business, call 450-6000 or email Business Solutions Sales Engineer Eleise Wood Myers.

How do I program my remote control?

Click on your remote control below for detailed written instructions including programming codes specific to your television.

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What are the pro-rata charges included on my bill?

When new service is established or a change is made to your cable service, pro-rata charges will appear on your bill. Cable, Internet and telephone services are billed in advance. The pro-rata charge is the bill amount for the number of days between your sign-up date and the date of your regular billing cycle. Future bills will show the full standard monthly amount unless you make further changes to your account.


The Federal Cable Communications Act [47 U.S.C. 551] contains certain provisions regarding the collection and disbursement of personally identifiable information by cable television operators. In accordance with those provisions, Conway Corporation collects and maintains personally identifiable information concerning customers. That information includes, among other things, your name, address, phone number, billing records, service maintenance and repair records, subscriber selection subscription information, marketing information and customer complaints.

Personally identifiable information is generally used for the normal business purpose of offering and rendering cable television service and other services to you. Some persons have access to such information, when necessary, in connection with our business or when otherwise desirable. Access may be on a day-to-day basis. Those people who have access include cable system employees, businesses which provide services to the cable system, such as our accountants, billing and collection services, program and program guide providers where applicable, program services which will periodically audit subscription information. The cable system will not maintain such information after it is no longer necessary for carrying on our business.

As a customer, you may review any personal information held by us which pertains to you if you give us a reasonable period of time to locate and, if necessary, prepare information for review. Preparation is sometimes necessary to avoid disclosure of information relating to other customers. If you wish to review your personal information, please contact us by letter or telephone to arrange for a review. The review will be at our 650 Locust Street office. You may request correction of any errors in personal information which we collect and maintain pertaining to you. Federal law prohibits collecting any personally identifiable information other than information necessary to carry on our business or to detect theft of service, unless you consent.
To the extent that we are permitted to collect personally identifiable information, we are permitted to disclose such information only to the extent necessary to conduct our business. Conway Corporation does not disclose your name and address for non-cable service related mailing lists. Conway Corporation is permitted to contact you regarding cable television services. We may do this directly or contract with an outside company to do this solely for the benefit of Conway Corporation. If you do not wish to be contacted even in limited situations described above, or if you wish to limit the circumstances in which we will disclose it, please obtain, fill out and return a no contact form from our Prairie Street office.

Except as indicated in the preceding paragraph, we may not disclose personally identifiable information without your consent, unless we are required to do so by court order. If we are served with a court order requiring disclosure of personally identifiable information concerning a customer, we will inform the customer before any information is released. Under some circumstances, a governmental entity may seek a court order to obtain personally identifiable information from the cable system concerning a cable customer. The customer must be given an opportunity to consent to issuance for such an order. A governmental entity may, however, be given information authorized under titles 119, 121 or 206 of Title 18 (U.S.C.) but shall not include subscriber selection of video programming

Any person aggrieved by an act of a cable operator in violation of these federal limitations on the collection and disclosure of personally identifiable information may bring a civil action in a United States District Court to enforce the limitations.

2017 EEO Report