Conway Corp is proud to provide digital telephone service with a crystal-clear connection whether you're calling across town or across the country. Keeping in touch with family and friends is a top priority, and it's easy with a dependable company you can count on. There are no long-term contracts and no hidden fees, plus you can keep your existing phone number.

Keep your life simple with useful calling features at no additional cost like Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voice Mail, Call Block and Call Forwarding and many more. Conway Corporation also offers free, unlimited local and long distance as well as very competitive international rates. As always, Conway Corp has local customer service with weekend and after hour support all on one convenient bill.

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Voice Rates

Net Monthly Rates

Residential Voice Service $27.95
Each Additional Line (Maximum of 3) $16.95
E911 $1.30

Voice charges are billed in advance. The first billing will include Pro Rata Charges from the date of installation, installation charges and charges for the coming month.

NOTE: All rates posted are representations of the approved rates. Any discrepancy between those posted on the website and actual approved rate documents will be resolved in favor of the approved rate documents.

Installation and Service Fees

Basic Installation $50.00
Minimum Trip Charge (Includes service call for all repairs) $50.00
International Long Distance Calls

$50.00 Deposit
(Rates Here)

Operator Assisted Calls $1.50 each
International Directory Assistance $5.50 each
Domestic Directory Assistance $1.50 each
Toll-free Numbers $10.00/Month
$0.10/Minute Usage

Residential Voice service requires an active Conway Corp broadband cable line to your residence. Residential service also requires Multimedia Terminal Adapter (MTA) provided by Conway Corp with your package. (Equipment deposits may apply.) There must be an active cable outlet within 5 feet of the MTA. Conway Corp voice service does not support 900 numbers.

Taxes: The above rates are subject to all local, state and federal taxes which are currently in effect or any taxes which are imposed by laws or ordinances on or after the effective date of this rate schedule. Current state, county, city sales tax are 9.125%

USF surcharge: The Universal Service Fund (USF) provides support to promote access to telecommunications services at reasonable rates for those living in rural and high-cost areas, income-eligible consumers, rural health care facilities, and schools and libraries. All telephone companies that provide service between states and internationally, including wireless companies, must contribute to the USF.

ARHCF: Arkansas Code Annotated Section 23-17-404 established the High Cost Fund (ARHCF) to promote and assure the availability of universal service at rates that are reasonable and affordable, and to provide for reasonably comparable service and rates between rural and urban areas. Pursuant to law the Arkansas Public Service Commission established rules and procedures for the ARHCF and delegated its operation to a trustee. The trustee bills and collects charges from all telecommunications providers and makes payments to qualifying telecommunications providers. Telecommunications providers are allowed by law to surcharge their customers to recover the ARHCF charges they pay. This charge is not a tax.

Payment: The net bill, computed in accordance with the net monthly rate, shall be due and payable upon presentation. If payment is not received within 30 days after presentation of bill, service may be discontinued. The delinquent bill plus a reconnect charge must be paid before service will be restored.

Do I need any special inside wiring or special telephones to work with Conway Corp digital voice service?

No. Conway Corp digital voice service uses the same wiring that is presently inside your home and works with all standard telephones.

Do I need to have Conway Corp cable and/or Internet in order to have Conway Corp digital voice service?


How does Conway Corp digital voice service work?

Your current telephone company provides telephone service over copper wires that attach to a network interface box on the outside of your home or apartment. Other competitive exchange companies simply lease these same lines and resell them. Conway Corp digital telephone service utilizes its own advanced electronic switch and fiber optic network that allows the telephone service to be delivered on the same coaxial cable the delivers your video service and high-speed Internet access.

If I switch to Conway Corporation digital voice service, do I need to call my current telephone company and disconnect service?

No. If you are keeping the same telephone number, you do not have to call. We will inform your old telephone company and your old service will be disconnected at the time your Conway Corporation service is established. If you decide to get a new number, you will need to call your old telephone company to disconnect your old service.

If I take Conway Corporation digital voice service, will I have to change my telephone number?

No. You have to the option of keeping your current telephone number or having Conway Corporation assign you a new number.

If the electricity goes out in my home will the phone still work?

Yes. Power to the telephone comes from a battery backup in the telephone modem and keeps the service running if the power goes out in the home. Customers should be reminded that most cordless phones do not operate if electricity is out unless they have a battery backup for the telephone.

Will I be listed in the phone book?

Yes. Your directory listing can be listed, non-listed or non-published.

Can the service be used with a home alarm system?

If you have a home alarm system that connects through a home telephone line, you should contact your alarm system service provider to determine whether your alarm system can be used with our voice services. Contact your alarm system provider for any necessary modifications.

Will I be able to make E911 calls in case of an emergency?

Yes. Please refer to your Conway Corporation Digital Voice User Guide for more information.

Unlimited local and long distance calling Call Return
Very competitive rates on international calling Call Waiting
Number porting (keep your current number)

Caller ID

Directory (telephone book) listings Outgoing Caller ID Deactivation
Directory assistance (per call charge) Do Not Disturb
Operator assistance (per call charge) Selective Call Forwarding
911 services Speed Dial
Anonymous Call Rejection (reject incoming calls from parties that have blocked their directory or identifying information) Find Me (lets you forward calls to as many as five different alternate locations)
Call Block Three-Way Calling
Call Forwarding Voicemail
Toll-free number availability  

NOTE: Conway Corporation telephone service does not support 900 numbers or collect calls. 

Conway Corp has partnered with Nomorobo to block unsolicited and unwanted phone calls from telemarketers and robo-callers to your home. Nomorobo is a cloud-based service that hangs up on or blocks illegal robo-callers and is available to residential Conway Corp voice customers on home phone lines at no additional charge.


  1. Log in to manage your telephone account.

  2. Click the "Advanced Features" tab on the left of the page. 

  3. Click the "Simultaneous Ring Personal" link to open the feature page. 

  4. Turn Simultaneous Ring Personal to "On." 

  5. Enter the following number into one of the "Phone Number" boxes: 5012907311

  6. Click "Apply" to save your settings for the first half of the process. 

  7. The page will reload. Then you will continue to the second half of the page to create rules for triggering the feature. 

  8. Enter "Nomorobo" in the "Description" text box. 

  9. Select the "Use Simultaneous Ring Personal" option. 

  10. Select the "Every Day, All Day" option for the Time Schedule selection. 

  11. Select the "Any Phone Number" option for the Calls From section. 

  12. Click "Add" to save rule settings. 

Once you have activated Nomorobo on your home telephone, you will need to activate your account with Nomorobo. 


  1. Visit www.nomorobo.com and choose the “Get Started Now” button.

  2. Select the “Internet Landline” option.

  3. Select the “Let me choose my carrier from a list” link.

  4. Select “Conway Corp” from the drop-down list then click the “Check Availability” button.

  5. Enter your email address then click the “Start Blocking Robocalls NOW!” button.

  6. Check your email for a message and link to complete the signup process. You might need to check your spam folder.

  7. Click the “Click Here to Setup Nomorobo” button in the email.

  8. Enter your first and last name. Create a password. Then click the “Sign Up” button.

  9. You are now logged in to the Nomorobo portal. Click the “Click here to get started” button.

  10. Enter your phone number and click the “Next” button.

  11. Click the “Test” button and follow the instructions.

  12. You will immediately receive a call letting you know Nomorobo is now activated. If it is set up properly, you will hear a message saying you are now protected by Nomorobo.

Country Landline Cellular
Anguilla .12 .44
Antigua & Barbuda .32 .48
Australia .03 .13
Austria .03 .03
Bahamas .13 .17
Bahrain (Kingdom Of) .05 .08
Bangladesh (People's Republic Of) .03 .03
Barbados .23 .48
Belgium .06 .15
Belize .24 .24
Bermuda .05 .05
Bhutan (Kingdom Of) .07 .08
Bolivia (Republic Of) .17 .21
Brazil .03 .08
Canada .03  
Cayman Islands .08 .19
China (People's Republic Of) .03 .03
Colombia (Republic Of) .03 .03
Congo (Republic Of The) .50 .50
Costa Rica .05 .08
Cyprus (Republic Of) .03 .08
Czech Republic .03 .09
Denmark .03 .03
Dominica .19 .44
Dominican Republic .10 .10
Ecuador .13 .25
El Salvador (Republic Of) .20 .20
Equatorial Guinea (Republic Of) .24 .41
Faroe Islands .21 .21
Fiji (Republic Of) .18 .19
Finland .07 .06
France .03 .08
French Guiana (French Dept Of) .03 .08
Germany .03 .04
Gibraltar .04 .18
Greece .03 .03
Greenland (Denmark) .43 .60
Grenada .18 .48
Guadeloupe .03 .08
Guam .91  
Guatemala .17 .17
Honduras .13 .21
Hong Kong, China .03 .03
Hungary .03 .04
Iceland .03 .04
India (Republic Of) .03 .03
Indonesia .08 .08
Iran .06 .08
Iraq .15 .25
Ireland .10 .21
Israel (State Of) .18 .19
Italy .03 .34
Jamaica .44 .47
Japan .03 .08
Kiribati (Republic Of) 1.25  
Korea (Republic Of) .03 .03
Kuwait (State Of) .06 .09
Lao People's Democratic Republic .08 .08
Lebanona .10 .19
Luxembourg .03 .03
Macao, China .07 .07
Malaysia .03 .03
Malta .03 .03
Martinique (French Department Of) .03 .08
Mexico .03 .04
Mongolia .05 .06
Montserrat .48 .48
Myanmar (Union Of) .26 .30
Nepal .13 .13
Netherland Antilles .13 .13
Netherlands (Kingdom Of The) .03 .05
New Zealand .03 .05
Nicaragua .15 .26
Norway .03 .05
Palau (Republic Of) .26 .34
Panama (Republic Of) .04 .14
Paraguay (Republic Of) .04 .09
Peru .36 .14
Philippines (Republic Of The) .13 .18
Poland (Republic Of) .03 .13
Portugal .03 .03
Romania .03 .03
Russian Federation .24 .23
Saint Helena 2.50  
Saint Pierre & Miquelon .27 .50
San Marion (Republic Of) .03 .23
Saudi Arabia .09 .14
Singapore .03 .03
South Sudan (Republic Of) .33 .33
Spain .33 .03
St Kitts & Nevis .25 .48
St Maarten .14 .14
St Vincent & Grenadines .19 .48
Sweden .03 .03
Switzerland .03 .46
Taiwan, China .03 .11
Tajikistan .16 .18
Thailand .03 .03
Tonga .59 .59
Trinidad & Tobago .07 .21
Turkey .06 .20
Turks & Caicos Islands .23 .25
Unite Arab Emirates .17 .17
United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland .03 .42
Uruguay .06 .20
Vanuatu .65 .65
Vatican City State .03  
Venezuela .04 .14
Viet Nam .09 .08
Wallis & Funtuna .97  
Yemen .15 .16

*Rates are per minute and are subject to change.