Looking for help with your Conway Corporation services? Find answers to frequently asked questions and more below. If you need additional assistance, please contact one of our customer care specialists at 501-450-6000. We have technical support available 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

We are proud to serve the Conway community 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are committed to providing you high-quality products at reasonable rates. If you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding Conway Corporation, we would love to hear from you.

How do I have outdoor lights installed near my home or business?

Conway Corporation offers both residential and commercial-sized flood lights to provide added security to your home or business. We attach the light to an existing power pole and angle it to suit your preference. If you do not have an existing pole on the property, we can install a pole for an additional monthly fee. A $50 fee per light installation fee will be charged on all outdoor lights. Rates vary based on light wattage. Email us or call 501-450-6000 for more information.

What is the Demand Charge on my electric bill?

All non-residential customers are subject to a demand charge based on each customer’s maximum 15-minute demand on the distribution system each month measure in kilowatts. Depending on the customer, the demand that customer places on Conway Corporation’s infrastructure varies. The demand charge is a fixed charge designed to recover some of that cost.

Conway Corporation monitors demand over a 15-minute period. Customers a charged for the highest 15-minute average on the demand meter. After Conway Corporation reads the meter each month, demand is reset to zero, and the meter starts over.

What is the Power Cost Adjustment item on my electric bill?

The Cost of Power Adjustment is a separate line item on the Conway Corp electric bill which reflects the increases and decreases in the cost of power from our two percent ownership in generating plants in Arkansas and the power we buy on the wholesale power supply market.

A number of factors affect the cost of power including weather, demand, oil and gas prices, the cost to transport fuel and other items. Like other utilities, Conway Corp establishes retail rates to recover the cost of provided electric service to our customers. These costs include wages, materials, supplies and wholesale power purchases. Our retail rates do not fluctuate and a base power cost of $.0395 per kWh is included in our rates. If our true power costs exceed $.0395, the incremental increase is passed on to our customers.

Conway Corp does not make a profit on this charge. It is a pass through. If our true power costs are less than $.0395 per kWh, customers will see a credit on their bill.

Who do I contact to conduct a free energy audit on my home or business?

If you would like to know how to lower your energy bill, contact our Energy Smart team at 501-450-6000 to schedule your free energy audit. One of our qualified technicians will help you identify exactly where you are wasting energy and money. They will also offer recommendations for simple fixes so you can start saving money immediately.

How do I report a street light outage?

If you see a street light in the Conway Corporation service area that flickers or is completely out, let us know by emailing us or calling 501-450-6000.

How do I request trees trimmed away from power lines?

As a free service to our customers, Conway Corporation contracts several tree trimming companies to keep trees from growing into the power line right-of-way. We also will remove any limbs or branches that are touching or have fallen on our lines. Please contact 501-450-6000 to request tree trimming.

How do I have power temporarily disconnected for repairs to my home or business?

Please call us at least one business day in advance to schedule a temporary disconnect. Temporary shut-offs occur Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If it is an emergency situation, we do have someone available 24 hours a day. Call 501-450-6000 to schedule your temporary disconnect.

How do I report a power outage?

Call customer service at 501-450-6000. If you call outside of normal business hours – Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – follow the phone prompts to report. If you have a safety emergency, you can choose to speak to a live representative 24 hours a day.

Please do not report outages or safety emergencies via email, Facebook or Twitter. While we ask you do not report outages via social media, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updated outage information.

What causes low water pressure?

Low pressure can occur in your home for a variety of reasons. Sometimes there may be a water main break that will result in a temporary loss of pressure. If low pressure continues, you might have a leak or a shut-off valve that needs to be checked or a pressure-reducing unit that is working incorrectly.

Conway Corporation can check the water pressure at your meter or at your outside faucet, but more often than not it is the water pressure regulator that needs adjustment. Since the regulator is part of your water service line, we do not repair them. You will need to contact a plumber.

Will Conway Corp adjust my bill if I had a water leak?

Customers can provide a receipt of the leak repair to a Conway Corp account manager. Account managers will work with you to adjust your bill if appropriate.

What do I do if my water is discolored or has a bad smell?

First, turn on your largest faucet to full flow and let it run approximately 10-20 minutes. This will clear out the water in your service line and pull new water from the main line. If it is still discolored or has an odor, call 501-450-6000. We can send a water technician to check the main lines.

Will Conway Corp repair damage to my landscaping if they repaired a water leak on my property?

Conway Corp contracts with a landscape company to repair any yard damage that occurred due to our work. They will usually contact the property owner within two weeks to make arrangements. Contact us at 501-450-6000 or email us with any questions about this service.

My sewer line isn’t draining well or is stopped up completely. Do I call Conway Corp or a plumber?

Always call Conway Corp at 501-450-6000 first. We will check our sewer main line to make sure it isn’t stopped up BEFORE you call a plumber. If you call a plumber first, they may charge you even if the problem is on our main line. We have someone available 24 hours a day, and we will check it free of charge.

Sewer overflowed in my house and caused damage. What should I do?

Contact Conway Corporation immediately at 501-450-6000. We will dispatch a crew right away to investigate the problem. If any cleaning or restoration work is needed you will need to arrange that yourself or through your insurance company. Conway Corporation is only liable in the event of negligence.

Why do my toilets and sinks have black or pink rings or spots on them?

This is caused by mold and mildew spores in the air. These spores land in these moist environments and form colonies that look pink or black. These organisms are not in the water, but in the air (they are not harmful). The remedy for this is to try to minimize these spores in the air. You may try allergy free filters, keeping lids down, sealing toilet tanks and fixing leaky faucets.

How do I program my remote control?

Click on your remote control below for detailed written instructions including programming codes specific to your television.

Atlas 5-Device     Ninja Gateway (Arris)     Champion 2025      Digitial Television Adapter          

What is watchTVeverywhere and how do I use it?

watchTVeverywhere is free with your Conway Corporation cable subscription and gives customers the opportunity to enjoy programming from many of their favorite networks on personal computers, laptops, tablets, phones and other mobile devices. Customers can set up a watchTVeverywhere account by visiting To register you will need your Conway Corporation account number and the correct spelling for the last name on your account. Click here for more information about watchTVeverywhere.

What are parental controls and how do I use them?

Not every show is appropriate for every age group. Conway Corporation parental controls give you the power to decide what content is appropriate for your children and your family and easily lets you control what they watch – even when you’re not around.

Activated by a PIN number, you can set parental controls on your cable box to control the programs or channels that can be viewed on your TV. You can even control access to OnDemand programs and Pay-Per-View content. For help setting up parental controls on your specific cable box, please call 501-450-6000.

What are the pro-rata charges included on my bill?

When new service is established or a change is made to your cable service, pro-rata charges will appear on your bill. Cable, Internet and telephone services are billed in advance. The pro-rata charge is the bill amount for the number of days between your sign-up date and the date of your regular billing cycle. Future bills will show the full standard monthly amount unless you make further changes to your account.

Can I use a wireless router with Conway Corp high-speed Internet?

Conway Corp does not provide technical support for personal wireless routers, but you can use wireless routers to setup a wireless network with Conway Corp Internet. Conway Corp offers wireless Internet with the Ninja Gateway product. Click here to learn more.

Can I use a wireless router with Conway Corp high-speed Internet?

Conway Corp does not provide technical support for personal wireless routers, but you can use wireless routers to setup a wireless network with Conway Corp Internet. Conway Corp offers wireless Internet with the Ninja Gateway product. Click here to learn more.

Do I need my own modem?

No. Customers can choose to take the hassle out of owning a modem and rent one from Conway Corp for a small additional fee each month. If you choose to purchase your own modem, Conway Corp recommends a Docsis 3 modem, since these modems incorporate the latest cable technology and have a longer expected lifetime. Most packages require this modem to get the full speeds offered. An older modem using Docsis 2 is only compatible on the Conway Corp network for speed packages with download speeds of 4 Mbps or less.

If you choose to purchase your own modem, Conway Corp has modems available for purchase in our office. A minimum 4-channel Docsis 3.0 is required for the Basic Residential internet service. A minimum 8-channel Docsis 3.0 is required for Broadband 25, Broadband 50 and a 16-channel Docsis 3.0 to recieve Broadband 100 internet services. Conway Corp provides a 32-channel modem or modem/router combo for the 1 Gig service.

How do I change my email password?

If you forgot your email password or want to change it, click here or contact us at 501-450-6000.

What should I do if I receive an email from Conway Corp threatening to disconnect my service or asking for my username, password, credit card information, date of birth or other personal information?

Conway Corp will never ask customers to provide personally identifiable information via email. If you receive an email that purports to come from Conway Corp and seems questionable, please call us at 501-450-6000 before responding.

What should I do if my Internet is not working properly?

A simple reboot of the modem, computer and router can often fix this issue. Unplug the power to the modem and computer. If you have a router, unplug the power to the router also. After unplugging the power to these components wait one minute then restore power to the individual components. Restart your computer.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, Conway Corporation provides technical support at 501-450-6000 seven days a week. Give us a call Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. or Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. so we can help solve any problems you might be having.

What is the difference between a Static IP and a Dynamic IP?

A Static IP is a numeric, fixed address always associated with your computer and does not change when you log onto your modem. A Dynamic IP is temporarily assigned to your computer or modem for a specified duration and may change between sessions. If your business will be running one or more servers or utilizing applications that require external access, you might want to consider a Static IP. Usually, a Dynamic IP will satisfy your business needs.

What is the difference between residential and business Internet from Conway Corp?

While both residential and business high-speed Internet from Conway Corp operate over the same reliable network, Conway Corp Business Internet is designed to meet the broadband capacity and needs that businesses specifically require.

Do I need any special inside wiring or special telephones to work with Conway Corp digital voice service?

No. Conway Corp digital voice service uses the same wiring that is presently inside your home and works with all standard telephones.

Do I need to have Conway Corp video and/or internet in order to have Conway Corp digital voice service?


How does Conway Corp digital voice service work?

Your current telephone company provides telephone service over copper wires that attach to a network interface box on the outside of your home or apartment. Other competitive exchange companies simply lease these same lines and resell them. Conway Corp digital telephone service utilizes its own advanced electronic switch and fiber optic network that allows the telephone service to be delivered on the same coaxial cable the delivers your video service and high-speed Internet access.

If I switch to Conway Corp digital voice service, do I need to call my current telephone company and disconnect service?

No. If you are keeping the same telephone number, you do not have to call. We will inform your old telephone company and your old service will be disconnected at the time your Conway Corporation service is established. If you decide to get a new number, you will need to call your old telephone company to disconnect your old service.

If I take Conway Corp digital voice service, will I have to change my telephone number?

No. You have to the option of keeping your current telephone number or having Conway Corp assign you a new number.

If the electricity goes out in my home will the phone still work?

Yes. Power to the telephone comes from a battery backup in the telephone modem and keeps the service running if the power goes out in the home. Customers should be reminded that most cordless phones do not operate if electricity is out unless they have a battery backup for the telephone.

Will I be listed in the phone book?

Yes. Your directory listing can be listed, non-listed or non-published.

Can the service be used with a home alarm system?

If you have a home alarm system that connects through a home telephone line, you should contact your alarm system service provider to determine whether your alarm system can be used with our voice services. Contact your alarm system provider for any necessary modifications.

Will I be able to make E911 calls in case of an emergency?

Yes. Please refer to your Conway Corporation Digital Voice User Guide for more information.

Will my current PBX or Key System work?

Yes. Your current PBX or Key System will continue to work. You should contact your vendor to inform them of the change before installation.

Can I have a toll-free number?

Yes. Conway Corporation offers toll-free numbers for an additional monthly plus per minute usage charge.

What is Conway Corp?

For more than 90 years, Conway Corp has operated the city-owned utility system and provides electric, water, wastewater, cable, Internet, voice and security services for the Conway community. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services at reasonable rates while working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to serve you, our neighbor.

How do I establish service with Conway Corp?

Service can be established in person during regular business hours 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 650 Locust Street. Transferring existing services from one address to another can be completed in person, by calling 501-450-6000 or online here. Changes to existing video, internet or telephone service can be completed in person, by calling 501-450-6000 or through your myConwayCorp account.

What do I need to establish service with Conway Corp?

New residential customers are required to complete an Application for Service form. In addition to the form, residential customers are required to have a photo ID and a second form of ID; a lease/purchase agreement listing physical address and a security deposit.

New business customers should also complete an Application for Service form. In addition, business customers are required to have a photo ID, a federal tax ID number, a lease/purchase agreement listing physical address and a security deposit.

Deposit amounts are determined by status as a residential or commercial customer. Deposits are refunded after final bill settlement for all accounts or upon completion of 12 consecutive months of good credit performance at which time the deposit is applied to the customer account.

How do I pay my bill?

Conway Corporation is proud to offer customers the convenience of several bill payment options including online or automatic bank draft. Click here to view the options and choose the right method for you.

Can I sign up for paperless statements?

Yes. Click here to enroll in our eBill program and receive paperless statements. You can choose to pay your bill electronically or still pay your bill via mail or in person.

What do I do if my trash or recycling was not picked up?

Conway Corporation provides billing services for the City of Conway Sanitation Department as a courtesy to the city and our customers, but does not handle trash/recycling collection. The City of Conway is responsible for all sanitation. If you have any questions regarding your trash or recycling, please contact the City of Conway Sanitation Department at 501-450-6155 or call the recycling hotline at 501-450-6162.