ConwayCorpTV delivers everything you love to watch – movies, shows, live sports, Wampus Cat coverage, local news and more – on your TVs and mobile devices. No boxes. No cables. No limits.

Make the switch to streaming ConwayCorpTV, and get home entertainment that doesn’t have to stay at home.

ConwayCorpTV is the next-generation streaming TV solution available exclusively to Conway Corp customers. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies including top networks, live sports, local news and more on the streaming devices you already own. Watch recorded programs at home or away and quickly find what you want to watch with our dynamic and easy-to-use interface.

Top Features:
* Stream your favorite channels of live TV at home or on the go in high-definition quality.
* Enjoy your local favorites and national broadcast shows without cable boxes or contracts.
* Restart TV – Watch from the very beginning so you never miss a second.
* Replay TV – Go back 72 hours and watch anything you missed or want to watch again.
* Cloud DVR – Record your shows and movies in the cloud so you can access them anywhere, anytime.

Downloading the app is free. To watch TV, you must subscribe to ConwayCorpTV. You will need to sign in with your myConwayCorp username and password.

ConwayCorpTV iOS App

ConwayCorpTV Android App

    How is ConwayCorpTV different from cable TV service?

    ConwayCorpTV offers you a high-quality video experience, with services and flexibility that were not available on your cable TV service. You can watch across a wide range of devices from set-top boxes to media players to mobile devices, you can access content when and where you want, and with our new set-top box you have access to the broadest range of content with easy voice-controlled access.

    Does ConwayCorpTV have the same channels as my cable package?

    The packages in ConwayCorpTV are structured differently. As a result, there are some channels that are not included in these packages. However, much of that programming is available through streaming from the network. 

    What equipment do I need?

    In order to watch ConwayCorpTV, you will need an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. We recommend a DOCSIS 3.1 32-channel modem. You can watch on a set-top box or your own device – or both – it’s your choice.  Supported consumer devices include:

    • Apple TV
    • Roku
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Android or iOS mobile phones, tablets

    Can I still watch on a TV?

    Yes! You can watch on TV using a set-top box or a compatible streaming media player or smart TV.

    Can I set parental controls?

    Yes – follow these instructions:

    • Access Parental Controls from the Settings Menu.
    • To enable Parental Controls, you’ll first set a 4-digit PIN.
    • Once enabled, you can block shows and movies based on their rating (for example, PG-13 or R content).
    • In order to watch blocked content, you’ll need to input your PIN.

    How do I add or remove a device from my account?

    ConwayCorpTV lets you watch video on multiple devices at once. Depending on which ConwayCorpTV plan you have, you can stream on up to 5 devices at a time.

    • Broadcast Basic – 2 devices
    • ConwayCorp TV – 3 devices
    • ConwayCorp TV+ – 5 devices

    Whenever you add the app to a new device and log in, that device is added to your account. To manage your active devices, use the Settings option on the Home Screen.

    How do I record a show?

    On set-top or media player:

    • Select a current or future show from the Guide and you will be offered the choice to record.
    • If you are already watching a show, press the Enter or OK button on your remote to pull up the Play Controls
    • Select Start Recording.

    On your mobile device:

    • Tap on a current or future show from the Guide and then tap the Record icon.

    How do I set favorite channels?

    On set-top or media player:

    • When watching a show, use the Enter button to bring up an options menu, then select Add to Favorites.

    On mobile device:

    • Tap on the Logo for any channel and then tap Add to Favorites.

    How do I see my favorite channels?

    On set-top or media player:

    • From the Guide, use “left” button on your remote to scroll backward through the guide until the Filters screen appears
    • Activate the Favorites filter

    On mobile device:

    • From the Guide, use the Filter Channels drop-down menu to select Favorites

    How do I see shows that I can start over?

    On set-top or media player:

    • When watching Live TV, use the Enter button to bring up an options menu,
    • Select Catch-Up Guide. 
    • Look for the Catch-Up icon on the Guide to see content you can restart or catch up.

    On mobile device:

    • From the Guide, look for shows with the Restart icon under the title.

    How much network DVR space do I have?

    • Broadcast Basic – 0 hours
    • ConwayCorp TV – 50 hours
    • ConwayCorp TV+ – 100 hours

    Can I purchase additional DVR space?

    Yes! Customers can purchase additional hours/space for a monthly fee. 

    • 50 hours – $8.95 per month
    • 100 hours – $14.95 per month
    • 150 hours – $19.95 per month

    How do I find and manage my recorded shows?

    From the Home Screen, select My Recordings. Here you can watch recorded shows or delete shows you no longer want to save. (On mobile devices, this can be found in the Home menu in the upper left corner of the screen.)

    Can I watch and record at the same time?

    Yes! You can watch and record from any device, including a set-top box or any media player or mobile device.

    Why can’t I start my show from the beginning?

    Only select programs or channels offer the Restart option. If you don’t see the option to restart the live show, that means this particular program or channel is not available for Restart viewing.

    Do my favorite channels carry over to each device?

    Favorite channels are device-specific. Settings will stay with the device where they are set.

    Can I customize my channel lineup so it only lists the channels I want to watch?

    Yes! From the Guide you can view just your Favorite Channels or Only the Channels you Subscribe to. (This feature may not be available on all devices.)