Conway Corp is proud to provide electric service to approximately 30,000 meters in the city of Conway and maintains both overhead and underground electric infrastructure.

Conway Corp has been named one of the most reliable public utilities in the nation by the American Public Power Association and has been recognized with the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation for the proficiency in the reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement.

As the operator of a municipally-owned utility, we strive to keep rates as low as possible, and Conway Corp ranks as one of the lowest revenue power kilowatt (kWh) electric providers in the region.

Electric Rates

Summer Rates

Facilities Charge $15
$0.067 per kilowatt hour

Summer rates will apply to billing months of June through September. Rates will be billed by billing date, not usage month.

Winter Rates

Facilities Charge $15
$0.0485 per kilowatt hour

Winter rates will apply to billing months of October through May. Rates will be billed by billing date, not usage month.

Cost of Power Adjustment – The above energy charges will be increased or decreased to reflect to the nearest one-thousandth (.001) mill per KWH the change in the cost of fuel and purchased power incurred by the Corporation for the supply of service hereunder, above or below 39.50 mills per KWH. Click here for more information about the Power Cost Adjustment.

Night-time Outdoor Lighting Service
  • L.E.D. Nightwatcher $6.95 per month for an existing pole or $11.95 per month for a new pole.
  • L.E.D. Floodlight $18.00 per month with an existing pole or $23.00 per month for a new pole.
  • A $50 per light installation fee will be charged on all outdoor lights.
Service Fees
Same day service hookup requested prior to 3 p.m. No charge
Same day service hookup requested between 3 - 5 p.m. $25.00
Same day service hookup requested after 5 p.m. $40.00
Reconnection following shutoff for non-payment $15.00 if paid during regular business hours
$40.00 if paid outside of regular business hours
Insufficient checks $15.00
Tampering $50.00 plus damage repair and estimate of unmetered service, as appropriate.

Payment: The net bill, computed in accordance with the net monthly rate, shall be due and payable upon presentation and shall apply for twenty (20) days.  A gross bill in the amount of net bill plus 2.5% will be due after twenty (20) days on all bills in excess of $100.

Click here for Net Metering Rules.

Who do I contact to conduct a free energy audit on my home or business?


If you would like to know how to lower your energy bill, contact our Energy Smart team at 501-450-6000 to schedule your free energy audit. One of our qualified technicians will help you identify exactly where you are wasting energy and money. They will also offer recommendations for simple fixes so you can start saving money immediately.


How do I report a street light outage?

If you see a street light in the Conway Corp service area that flickers or is completely out, let us know by emailing us or calling 501-450-6000.

How do I have outdoor lights installed near my home or business?

Conway Corp offers both residential and commercial-sized flood lights to provide added security to your home or business. We attach the light to an existing power pole and angle it to suit your preference. If you do not have an existing pole on the property, we can install a pole for an additional monthly fee. A $50 fee per light installation fee will be charged on all outdoor lights. Rates vary based on light wattage. Email us or call 501-450-6000 for more information.


What is the Power Cost Adjustment item on my electric bill?

The Cost of Power Adjustment is a separate line item on the Conway Corp electric bill which reflects the increases and decreases in the cost of power from our two percent ownership in generating plants in Arkansas and the power we buy on the wholesale power supply market.

A number of factors affect the cost of power including weather, demand, oil and gas prices, the cost to transport fuel and other items. Like other utilities, Conway Corp establishes retail rates to recover the cost of provided electric service to our customers. These costs include wages, materials, supplies and wholesale power purchases. Our retail rates do not fluctuate and a base power cost of $.0395 per kWh is included in our rates. If our true power costs exceed $.0395, the incremental increase is passed on to our customers.

Conway Corp does not make a profit on this charge. It is a pass through. If our true power costs are less than $.0395 per kWh, customers will see a credit on their bill.

How do I request trees trimmed away from power lines?

As a free service to our customers, Conway Corp contracts several tree trimming companies to keep trees from growing into the power line right-of-way. We also will remove any limbs or branches that are touching or have fallen on our lines. Please contact 501-450-6000 to request tree trimming.


How do I have power temporarily disconnected for repairs to my home or business?

Please call us at least one business day in advance to schedule a temporary disconnect. Temporary shut-offs occur Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If it is an emergency situation, we do have someone available 24 hours a day. Call 501-450-6000 to schedule your temporary disconnect.

How do I report a power outage?

Call customer service at 501-450-6000. If you call outside of normal business hours – Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – follow the phone prompts to report. If you have a safety emergency, you can choose to speak to a live representative 24 hours a day.

Please do not report outages or safety emergencies via email, Facebook or Twitter. While we ask you do not report outages via social media, you can like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for updated outage information.

Energy Smart is a Conway Corp program designed to provide customers with the knowledge and tools they need to improve energy efficiency in their homes and business to save energy and money. Conway Corp is dedicated to helping customers address energy efficiency while lowering monthly bills by sponsoring the new homes program and providing free energy audits and incentives including zero percent interest loans. Learn more about how you can save energy and money for your home or business by exploring the energy calculator links below. 


New Home Program

Conway Corp’s New Home Program is an energy-efficiency program designed to recognize builders and homes that implement efficiency construction and equipment measures. Builders must adhere to stringent construction and equipment guidelines to be recognized as an Energy Smart Builder. Following these guidelines has been proven by the U.S. Department of Energy to be 20-30 percent more efficient than standard built home. Guidelines are based on the DOE Energy Star recommendations.

Energy Smart Home Features

  • Effective Insulation – Properly installed and inspected insulation in floors, walls and attics to ensure even temperatures throughout the house while reducing energy use and increasing comfort

  • High Performance/Low-E Windows – Energy–efficient windows employ advanced technologies such as protective coatings and improved frames to help keep heat in during winter and out during summer while blocking ultraviolet sunlight that can discolor carpet and furnishings

  • Tightly Sealed Construction & Ducts – Sealing holes and cracks in the home’s envelope and in the heating and cooling duct systems helps reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen and noise while a tightly-sealed home also improves comfort and indoor air quality while reducing utility and maintenance

  • High-Efficiency Heating & Cooling Equipment – In addition to using less energy to operate, energy –efficient heating and cooling systems can be quieter, reduce indoor humidity and improve the overall comfort of the home

  • High-Efficiency Lighting & Appliances – Energy Smart homes may also be equipped with Energy Star qualified products like lighting fixtures, compacts fluorescent bulbs, ventilation fans and appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines

  • Low-Flow Water Products – Products such as low-flow shower heads and toilets can reduce utility costs and conserve water

Energy Smart Builders

The following is a list of builders recognized as Energy Smart by Conway Corp:

Acadian Homes 501.514.2580
Atkinson Homes 501.472.8130
Brock Custom Homes 501.733.3344
Cameron Homes 501.514.5656
Conway Custom Builders 501.329.4959
Elms-Clowers Construction 501.329.8600
Greek Miller Construction 501.327.4122
Greeson Construction 501.472.3130
Hambuchen Custom Homes 501.329.3925
Jacob Longing Construction 501.730.3048
Thornton Home Builders 501.513.0505
J & J Custom Construction 501.773.4295
Jengel Construction 501.499.3538
Keller Johnson Builders 501.514.5819
Kordsmeier Home Builders 501.908.0015
Greg Lock Construction 501.505.8707
Lucas & Brown Properties 501.499.5885
Mallard Homes 501.514.4099
McConnell Custom Homes 501.327.8476
Moix Construction 501.514.4416
Luke Porter, Inc. 501.514.5597
Priester Custom Homes 501.472.0098
Rush-Hal Properties 501.329.5838
Salter Construction 501.327.2807
Shaver Construction 501.730.3584

Energy Audits

Conway Corp offers free energy audits to residential and small business customers interested in identifying how much energy their homes and offices consume and what measures may be taken to make them more energy efficient. During the audit process, a Conway Corp certified energy professional will perform a walk-through inspection of the home or business using a variety of techniques and equipment to determine its energy-efficiency level.

The inspection will help you understand the efficiency level of your heating and cooling systems, look at how windows and doors seal, inspect insulation levels, show ways to conserve electricity and help identify leaks in the home or business.

When the audit is complete, your energy professional will provide you with an audit report. This analysis will show problems that may, when corrected, save significant amounts of money over time. To qualify for a free, walk-through energy audit, you must be a Conway Corp electric customer and single-family homeowner or small business owner. Renters must have written permission of the property owner to participate.

To request your free energy audit, call 501-450-6000 or click here to email us.

Zero Percent Interest Loans

Conway Corp offers zero percent interest loans to customers through its Energy Smart program for home improvements like replacing old appliances and installing attic insulation. The loan program, funded by the city of Conway through the American Recovery Act of 2009, is available to Conway Corp customers only.

Loans are available between $500 and $2,500 and are repayable by automatic bank draft over a 36-month period. Although there are no income restrictions, applicants must have a good credit history with Conway Corp.

Applicants will need a free home energy audit performed by Conway Corp to be eligible for the loan program. To schedule your energy audit or to apply for an Energy Smart loan call 501-450-6000 or email us.

Home Energy Calculator

This calculator will provide you with estimates of energy use costs based on your inputs and will allow you to perform energy saving scenarios to pinpoint your opportunities for savings.

Appliance Calculator
How much does it really cost to use the appliances in your home? Here's a quick way to get a feel for what your home's appliances cost to operate.

Lighting Calculator
Compares the purchase price and cost to operate compact fluorescent lamps vs. incandescent lights.

Heat Pump Calculator

Television Calculator

Home Energy Library
Hundereds of pages of graphically rich and interactive resources for customers who want to know more about specific topics.

Interactive Energy Home
A graphically rich and interactive extensive library for exploring.

Fundamentals of Electricity
How the electric utility industry generates and delivers power to its customers covering Basics, Delivery, Safety and Generation.

Kids Korner
For kids and adults! Containing everything from energy-themed games to Teacher Lesson Plans. Kids Korner creates a rich kid-friendly environment to facilitate in energy education.

Conway Corp has been recognized by the American Public Power Association with the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) designation for consistently providing Conway residents with the highest degree of reliable and safe electric service. Conway Corp is the first and only electric company in Arkansas and one of only 220 of the nation's more than 2,000 public power utilities to earn this prestigious distinction.

An RP3 designation recognizes Conway Corp as one of the best electric providers in the United States when it comes to four key disciplines: reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement. Criteria within each category are based on sound business practices and represent a utility-wide commitment to safe, reliable and forward-thinking operations.